• How do I sign up for an online account?

    We really would like to encourage all of our customers to register for an online account on our website as it gives you a wider range of exclusive services and makes placing an order even easier.

    Registering is easy. Simply click on the Register section on the top right side of the main screen.

    Fill in your email address and the rest of the fields with your details and set up your personal password.

    Once you are registered, you can track and review your orders, manage your address book, add as many delivery addresses as you want and of course, select one as your main delivery address. You will never have to enter your address details while ordering again.

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  • Why should I register for an online account?

    Registering an online account with us enables you to view your previous orders for the past 6 months. You are able to save your billing address and multiple delivery addresses and by simply logging in when placing your order, all your details are saved. You are also able to track your order through our website, once it has been despatched.

    Learn more here.

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  • How can I review my order history?

    If you wish to review your recent orders, please log into your online account, click "My Order" and you will be able to access this information there.

    More about how to create an online account you can find here.

    Please bear in mind that you will not be able to see any orders placed before the date that you registered for your online account.

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